Whether you go for a new western style or any ethnic get-up, you need to be conscious not to get attention because of wardrobe malfunction.

You love trying new trends and dressing styles. To look stunning and attractive and enjoy the fullest wearing what you like. Who does want to feel mortified because of a wardrobe malfunction? Yet, it can happen with the best of us. This article will get you to familiarize the ways to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

Yes, do experiments with the latest dress-up. However, be assured not to experience ‘see-through’ and body-shaming situations by following the given approaches.

7 Easiest Ways for Girls to Bypass Wardrobe Malfunctions

How To Get Rid Of Sweat Stains?

Sitting and working continuously in the office leads to sweat and stains. To avoid that embarrassment while working with your peers. Try this simple home remedy: spritz lemon on your body part, and wash it later. Its sourness (higher in acid) results to lower sweat.

Another solution is to use sweat pads.

Strategies to Hide Bra Straps

Do you like wearing tank tops, shoulder cut tops, or sleepless dresses?

Of course, yes. To look alluring. You strut out the day with a tank top as it suits you. But, falling bra strap off the shoulder or as it peeks out ruined your dashing style. So, here are the ways to beneath your bra straps:

Wear a lace bralette, and a strapless bra, attach straps to your shirt with a safety pin, use a racer black clip, or have strap hooks on your dress.

Racerback clip cautiously fastens bra straps from your backside.

Prevention from Sticky Clothes

You are walking confidently in the office or party and immediately note the unexpected cling in your dress that is giving daunting exposure to your body part. The best thing is you can avoid such clinginess of clothes by applying moisturizer to your body. Or, sprinkle static guards on clingy clothes before the day you wear them.

A Simplest Way to Deal with Strapless Bra

Be at a party, on a date, or on any other occasion, wearing underneath a strapless bra, your mind is stuck in fear of falling it off. So, what to do?

Apply a double-sided tape that can keep well a strapless bra with your skin.

Keep Back the Dangled Button

Don’t have time to sew the button?

 Or, you noticed it suddenly while hanging out. Get nail paint, and apply it on threads of a button to stick it around there.

Keep Your Wardrobe Malfunction Kit

Anything can happen and anytime all of a sudden. Get prepared to handle any unpleasant situation. Carry your wardrobe malfunction kit containing hairspray, safety pins, band-aid, fabric glue scarf, a package of baby wipes, double-sided tape, and a small sewing kit.

Ways to Tackle With Panty Lines

Plump for seamless panties with lean edges. Prefer seamless panties over cotton ones because of their chunky fabric. Be extra careful when you dress in pastel colors. Wear underwear matching your skin. So, they do not get visible through a layering of clothes.

To Sum Up

Inspect your dress before you attire it, if there is any pop-off button or stuck zip, take care of what you wear underneath your dress up.

No one wants to be downcast in public. Some severe situations of wardrobe malfunction can be like a stain on your reputation.

Wear trendy and stylish with a bit of consciousness.

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